Our Approach

The Challenge: Communities have fallen on hard times

Many post-industrial communities have fallen on hard times, and with traditional economic solutions no longer viable. As more communities find themselves in this position, alternative approaches are critical. There is an opportunity to offer an alternative economic engine in small communities located close to natural resources – one that is based on the growing outdoor recreation market and leveraging a community’s unique heritage.


Addressing the Challenge: Alternative economic engines

We believe in asset-based community development and know that it works. Our approach to economic development is one that embraces community-building and engagement every step of the way. Economic development is often reduced to jobs created and revenue generated. Sustainable change is realized through a more comprehensive process. The solution is to build a community where the people and businesses flourish and to put in place an environment in which people want to invest. They want to invest because they believe their investment will be protected and grow.

RTOC cleaning Brownsville Central ParkAt McCollom Development Strategies, we utilize an economic development program that concentrates on the growing outdoor recreation market and capitalizes on the unique culture and heritage of a community. This action-based program educates and engage those who care most about a community, its residents and business leaders.


Market Trends Support our Approach

The number of people experiencing the outdoors is increasing each year. Twenty and thirty year olds are flocking to outdoor resources in growing numbers. As baby boomers lead longer and healthier lifestyles, they too are seeking outdoor experiences in record numbers. Studies show that property values increase, and more residents and businesses are relocating to where they and their employees have access to trails and rivers. A long trail or river represents a recreational/tourism corridor and can offer new economic opportunities for a community.